Rolling Hills Covenant Rolling Hills Estates, CA
Why do we serve?
Because we are made in God's image, we all have intrinsic value and have something of importance to offer. Our socio-economic status does not matter in God’s economy. What matters is our heart and how we live life with one another in a fallen, broken world.
As we serve, we learn that there is no gift that a man can bring, apart from the Word and love of God, that will ever change or transform the heart and mind of another person. We understand that poverty touches all of us, whether materially, spiritually, relationally,  or in community, so we pray to God and pledge to “live a life unto others,” where we can learn and grow with each other, beginning at home and moving out into our neighborhoods, our communities, our workplace, and into the world.
In serving our neighbors in the South Bay and Los Angeles, we have learned that the most valuable thing we can bring to a person is the time that we spend with them.  We have learned that by being present and available, even if it gets messy - and it will - that we eventually are invited to join in the journey that God is already doing in their life.  We just need to show up where God is already at work and be ready to offer the greatest gift of all, the love and truth of Christ, offered through us.
We follow Jesus' example. Jesus said that he came to serve not to be served and we take him as our model and guide. (Matthew 20:28) We desire to be a church where everyone is serving as God intended and designed them to serve. (Matthew 28:18-20)
We also believe that every believer has been given interests, talents and spiritual gifts to use to glorify God and build up the church. (Ephesians 4:11-12)



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