we're reopening!

We officially have permits and the approval from our city to regather safely outdoors! We have created a video that will help walk you through what you can expect when attending an on-campus service. We encourage you to watch this video as there are important details you will need to be aware of prior to attending.


additional ways to register.

Please be advised, you will need to register each week you plan on attending a service. Registration opens every Thursday at 9am.  Our phone registration will close Saturdays at 5pm, but our online registration will remain open until spaces are filled.


How do I register for an on-campus service?

Registration will be open every Thursday at 9am. You can register online at rhcc.com/live or by calling 310.521.2541. Spaces are limited, so please register as soon as possible.

What health protocols are in place for on-campus services?

The safety and health of everyone attending our services is incredibly important to us. That is why we will be following California's health mandates of wearing a mask during the entire time you are on our campus (including during service), maintaining social distancing of at least 6 feet, and asking that you don't have any physical contact with anyone outside of your household.

Can I register to sit with our Life Group or other friends?

At this time, we are asking that you register and sit with only your household.

Are RHCC Kids classes reopening as well?

We aren't quite ready to reopen our kids classrooms just yet, but we do encourage you to register and bring your kids with you to service! Part of the service will be dedicated to kids and we will also have pre-packaged kids activities for your kids to work on while they sit with you through service.

Are other ministries reopening as well?

Some of our ministries, such as Student Ministries and Celebrate Recovery, have reopened, but we aren't quite ready to reopen all ministries. To find out when your ministry of interest will reopen, please contact the specific staff representative for updates.

Is there an online option for watching the service?

Absolutely! We are happy to announce that we will be live-streaming both Sunday services, 9am and 11am. You can watch the live-stream on our website, on the RHCC mobile app, on Apple TV/Roku TV devices, or on our Facebook page.

What should I expect when I arrive on campus?

After you park, we will have signs and volunteers to help guide you to the nearest entrance. Before entering the tent, you will need to check-in and answer some health questions. Our volunteer team will take you to your seats, and we do ask that you please do not move your chairs and that you remain seated unless you have to go to the restroom. Since our services will be shorter in length, we ask that you arrive early to allow time to check-in. 

Are restrooms available?

Our restrooms will be limited so we do ask that you please make sure that you and your kids go to the restroom before arriving on campus. If you do need to go to the restroom, we will have signs that help guide you to our available restrooms.

serve with us

There is a need for volunteers to help us with services each week, and so if you're interested in volunteering we'd love to serve alongside with you.