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Staff Extensions
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Executive and Senior Pastoral Staff
Shawn Hurley, Executive Preaching Pastor, 310.521.2583
Donna Artino, Admin. Assistant to Senior Pastor, 310.521.2508
Susan Johnson, Director of Care Ministries, 310.521.2519
Adult Ministries
Garrick Hanger, Pastor of Young Adults/Adult Ministries Lead, 310.521.2536
Nate Aanderud, Family Ministries Pastor, 310.521.2565 
Vance Hartzell, Singles Ministries & Rooted Pastor, 310.521.2523
David Krall, Director of Young Adult Ministries, 310.521.2522
Sam Evans, Mature Adults Pastor, 310.521.2566

Esther Christensen, Admin. Assistant to Adult Ministries, 310.521.2530
Cathie Freeman, Adult Ministries/Wedding Admin. Assist., 310.521.2516
Nancy Kutlesa, Women's Admin. Assistant 310.521.2518
Business Office
Bob Cubillos, Business Administrator, 310.521.5250 
Christina Dake, Human Resources Coordinator, 310.521.5260
Misty Williams, Director of Finance, 310.521.5254
Musette Tarvin, Stewardship Coordinator, 310.521.5255
Maria Ibarra, Accounts Payable Clerk, 310.521.5257
Naomi Gomez, Business Office Admin. Assistant, 310.521.5250
Children's Ministries
Richelle Bergley, Children's Ministry Director, 310.521.2545
Roberta Anderson, CM Operations Director, 310.521.2590
Shannon Magana, Experience Director, 310.521.2540
Taylor Adams, 4th/5thGrade Associate, 310.521.2586
Karen Sue, 2nd/3rd Grade Associate, 310.521.2542
Kathy Gloyd, K-1st Grade Associate, 310.521.2549
Christine Boysen, Early Childhood Associate, 310.521.2543
Natalia Dover, Nursery/Childcare Assistant, 310.521.2539
Sandy Martizia, Resource Room Assistant, 310.521.2528
Jackie Morgan, Programming Assistant, 310.521.2592
Ensley Morgan, RHCC Preschool Director, 310.521.2596
Michele Scott, RHCC Preschool Admin. Assistant, 310.521.2534
Sam Tabari, Director of Communications, 310.521.2521
Patty Shearing, Communications Coordinator, 310.521.2525
Karen O'Bryan, Lead Receptionist, 310.519.9406, x0
Student Ministries
Lloyd Gilbert, Associate Pastor of Student Ministries/Junior High Pastor, 310.521.2537
Jason Roszhart, College Director, 310.521.2556
Hunter Babcock, High School Director, 310.521.2574
Nikki Hernandez, High School Associate, 310.521.2572
Mary Miller, Student Ministries Accounting Assistant, 310.521.2557
Michelle Stout, Jr High Associate, 310.521.2584
Tiffany Adams, Student Ministries Administrative Support, 310.521.2533
Bob Alley, Director of Operations. 310.521.5373
Jack Murray, Operations Manager, 310.521.5259
Outreach Ministries
Steve Bunyard, Local & Global Outreach Pastor, 310.521.5287
Marcia Trani, Director of Compassion Ministries, 310.521.5286
Janet Orr, Short Term Missions Coordinator, 310.521.2561
Jamie Niere, Local Outreach Admin. Assistant, 310.521.5272
Hannah DeLaPena, Global Outreach Admin. Assistant, 310.521.2562
Nori Terashima, Japanese Ministries Pastor, 310.521.5290
Melvin Ardon, Pastor of Spanish Ministries, 310.521.2513
Technical Ministries
Brian Johnson, Director of Technical Ministries, 310.521.2547
Mark Cramer, Stage Manager, 310.521.2579
Heidi Barsam, Tech Ministries Admin. Assistant, 310.521.2551
Information Technology
Kevin George, I.T. Director, 310.521.2580
Ken Bouma, Network Systems Manager, 310.521.2581
Worship Arts
David Halverson, Worship Arts Pastor, 310.521.2515
Michael Barker, Contemporary Worship Director, 310.521.5282
Theresa Cochran, Worship Arts Admin. Assistant, 310.521.2514
Kim McLennan, Worship Services Coordinator, 310.521.2573


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