Rolling Hills Covenant Rolling Hills Estates, CA
Frequently Asked Questions
1. I am not sure how God has gifted me. Where do I begin?
Begin by enrolling in Rooted, a 10-week course that will introduce you to the foundations of serving, which come from the love of God and a heart that is rooted in His love for the world. Rooted  will stretch you to find your purpose with God, with the RHCC church family, and the purpose for your life. More info on Rooted >>
2. My life is very full. How will I make time to serve?
We have opportunities that last from as little as 30 minutes to longer term opportunities. We can provide you with a ministry coach who can help you decide what situation best fits your schedule.

3. Do I have to make a long term commitment to service?
No, we have many opportunities that are short-term. We also have First Serve opportunities which allow you to try out a ministry before you make a commitment.

4. I don’t feel competent or confident. Will someone train me to serve?
Yes, we have job descriptions, people to show you what your responsibilities are and in some ministries ongoing training classes.
5. Do I have to know the Bible very well or be super spiritual?
No, you can serve in many of the ministries without being well-versed in the Bible. We’ll help you find a good fit for service and we are committed to helping you grow in your knowledge of the Bible and in your spiritual life.


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