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Sermon Response

Philippians - Fall 2019

Using This Sermon Response Guide
·         Sermon Response is designed so it can be completed easily within 45-60 minutes. As the discussion leader, you should preview and evaluate the questions based on the needs of your group.
·         Personal applications are essential for growth and should be included in your Sermon Response questions. It is important for you to help people make goals that are very specific and commit to specific plans of action by asking, for example, “How are you going to begin?” An example could be as simple as wanting to commit to prayer each morning for 15 minutes, or taking a short term mission trip.
·         Pray for insight as you begin to prepare for leading your group. Ask for God’s wisdom, that the Holy Spirit will be the teacher and that you will be God’s instrument to lead the group to greater understanding and a willingness to commit to becoming more like God. Prayer should be your primary source of personal preparation for leading your group.
·         Plan where you want to take your group this upcoming quarter?  In what areas do you sense God is leading your group? How can you challenge the members to live a more balanced Christian life?
·         Ponder your progress after each quarter and at the end of the series. Reflect on what went well and what didn’t. Re-evaluation is key to your growth as a leader. How are you doing with leading the discussion: is it stimulating, challenging, and meaningful? Are you able to keep the group on track? Do you need to make some changes?


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