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Special Needs Ministries


Welcome Families!

Rolling Hills Covenant Church is privileged to serve our families with children who need some extra care in our classrooms. We want each family to feel welcomed and supported by our faith community.


Our mission is that every child should have the opportunity to know Jesus, regardless of ability, and that every child has a purpose and a place within the body of Christ.  We will provide a safe, encouraging, and loving environment for children with special needs and support families so they are able to worship and grow their relationship with Jesus without worry. 

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                 2 Simple steps:
  1. Give us a call ahead of time so that we can get to know your family and how we can best serve you. 
  2. Attend our church and receive the love and support we all desperately need!
What we offer:
     -1-on-1 Shadow
             -Saturday-5pm service
             -Sunday- 9:30am, 11:15am 
     -Sonbeams Class
            -Sunday- 9:30 and 11:15 am,                    Room 174
   If you feel your child will not be successful in
    a regular classroom, the Sonbeams Class is a    
    space  that allows for opportunities and  
    activities to be created to go at your child's 
    unique pace and ability level.
 We look forward to having your family join us!

 Special Needs Family Resources >>

                                     Volunteer Opportunities
Are you interested in being blessed by serving these amazing children?
Opportunities include: 
  1-on-1 Buddy (shadow)                                                 
 Classroom Volunteer                              micah
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Please contact Christine Boysen 310-521-2543


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