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CM Recruitment

We have a lot of amazing opportunities for you to get involved and serve in Children’s Ministries. Scroll down to learn more! 




Nursery Caregiver (weekly)
Caregivers provide love and safety for the babies and toddlers in our church. 


Small Group Leader (weekly)
Lead a small group of kids each week in learning a memory verse, participate in activities that help them understand the Bible story, and share about their lives through conversation and prayer. 

Behavior Aide (weekly)
Behavior aids will be specially trained to redirect unwanted behaviors in the classroom. This new position is designed to act as a flexible support position to help kids thrive. 

Team Coordinator (weekly)
Team coordinators direct small group leaders to cover each activity being done to support the day’s Bible lesson, acts as a timekeeper to manage the flow of the room, and is as a general shepherd to the other classroom volunteers. (Early Childhood only.)

Floater (monthly)
Floaters volunteers once per month and help wherever they are needed most. 

Club Time (9:30 service weekly)
Volunteers in Club Time are responsible for caring for elementary students who come to both services on Sunday morning. This position is great for people who love unstructured time to just hang out with kids before they go to Sunday School. 


Worship leaders will be responsible for leading the kids in a time of worship through music. This happens through singing a mix of traditional and contemporary worship songs, as well as energetic motions that engage the whole body in praise. Guitar preferred but not required!


Sonbeams Leader (weekly)
Leaders in the Sonbeams class will be working with children with special needs to provide an individualized learning environment for kids to learn about Jesus on Sunday morning. 

One-on-One Buddy (weekly)
One-on-one buddies are trained to shadow a child with special needs in both the Sonbeams and typical classrooms to help the child be successful in Children’s Ministries. 


Classroom Greeter (weekly)
Classroom greeters are responsible for signing kids into their classroom, making them feel welcome, and engaging with parents at drop-off and pick-up. 

Check-In Greeter (weekly)
Check-in greeters will be trained to use our new electronic check-in system to assist parents, register new families and make them feel welcome as they show them around the campus. 


Resource Room Team (weekly)
A lot of teachers utilize our resource room every week, and in order for that space to stay organized for everyone, we need volunteers to help keep things clean and supplies stocked. You will play a vital part in making sure leaders have access to what they need to teach the kids. 

Classroom Decorating Team (midweek monthly)
The classroom decorating team will work with staff to create a fun and exciting environment each month for our classrooms. 

Supply Prep Team (midweek monthly or weekly)
Supply prep members will assist staff in preparing the materials and supplies needed for weekend services.

Volunteer Hospitality Team (weekly)
Volunteer hospitality team members will help manage the volunteer breakroom to make sure that there is coffee and snacks for volunteers each week when they come to serve. 


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